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Carolina energy concepts

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Lower Your Energy Bills

Repeated independent studies have shown that adding spray foam insulation to a home can reduce fuel bills by 40%! to 60% It is not hard to understand why. If your home is better equipped to maintain the temperature you desire, if heat cannot pass easily into the environment, then your conditioning equipment needs to work far less, and becomes much cheaper to run. The savings very quickly offset the cost of installing spray foam insulation.

Healthier Indoor Air 

Spray Foam Insulation provides many benefits to the quality of the air inside a structure. First, the insulation helps to keep out foreign bodies, both particulate and animal life, that might otherwise enter the home. The foam is literally providing a protective seal against problem intrusions from your exterior. Secondly, having a balanced temperature throughout the building has advantages to the health of the occupants, and to productivity among those inside. BY insulating your interior, you are creating a balanced and harmonious air profile within the structure.

Strengthen Your Home

When all types of Spray Foam harden, and particularly the close cell varieties, they are providing a profound strengthening and reinforcement to the structure of the building. Walls and ceilings can become as much as three times more robust and durable after the addition of spray foam insulation. This is particularly beneficial in climates such as North Carolina, that are located on regular hurricane paths.

Excellent Soundproofing Qualities

A pleasing secondary quality of Spray Foam Insulation is that it has terrific sound-proofing qualities. Structures that have been treated with foam find external noise pollution is highly reduced. Internally the bleeding of sound between rooms will be noticeably lessened. The sound profile of any structure is significantly calmer and more secure once the foam is in place.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Structures treated with Spray Foam Insulation require far less energy ton heat in winter or cool in summer. As such, the carbon footprint of your building will be greatly reduced. This is one of the reasons while environmental science has long championed spray foam as the most environmentally sound method for structural insulation.

Environmentally Friendly

The machinery and chemicals used to install Spray Foam Insulation have all been carefully developed to minimize negative environmental impact. Spray foam is known as non-toxic, non-corrosive, and harmless to the natural surroundings of the structure. In addition from the long term, at the end of the life of the structure, spray foam presents no difficulties at all for removal or disposal. This is the safest and friendliest form of insulation, throughout the lifetime of the building and beyond.

Reduce Damage from Rain

Many buildings are sustainable to long-term damage from wind-driven rain, that attacks the structure from the side. One, often understated benefit of spray foam insulation is that it proves a protective barrier layer against the intrusion of this kind of weather. Particularly in coastal regions, this protective quality can noticeably reduce the long-term repair and maintenance costs of any structure that has been treated with spray foam insulation.

Eliminate Cold or Hot Rooms

Have you ever experienced a building where the rooms felt noticeably out of balance regarding temperature? Many structures are notorious for creating markedly different temperatures as one moves through the environment. Adjusting for this can create extra conditioning costs and inefficiency. The application of spray foam insulation serves to balance the temperature profile of the structure, allowing the airflow to achieve a much more regular and sustained pattern of flow. This decreases air conditioning costs, and increases the efficiency and reliability of the building space.

Eliminate Wood Floor Cupping

The application of Spray Foam Insulation provides a strengthening and bracing quality that helps to keep floors from deforming, and once again reduces the long term need for maintenance and repairs in any structure where it is applied.

Gain Storage Space

Applying Spray Foam Insulation to unused attic space, alcoves and other secondary areas often makes them useful as storage space in ways they could never be used before. Because spray foam helps to control temperature, the intrusion of the elements, and natural pests, it turns these spaces into acceptable long-term storage areas for even sensitive items.

Reduce Dust and Pollen

Spray Foam Insulation provides an excellent barrier to small particle intrusion, such as dust and pollen. This is because, unlike other forms of insulation, spray foam creates a protective seal measurable down to a minute level, sealing every space through which unwanted particles (associated with decay and allergies) might otherwise pass.

Eliminate Pests and Insects

Spray Foam Insulation also creates a tough barrier that eliminates the possibility of rodent infestation. The foam seals even the smallest avenue of intrusion for animal pests, and is highly durable against animal scratching or biting.

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